Admission Procedure

Admission Documents Submission

  • Application (School Form) 
  • Household Registration
  • Student Passport Copy
  • Parent(s) Passport Copy
  • HSK Score Report (If any) 
  • RHIS Terms and Conditions (School Form)
  • Transcript in English
  • Enrollment/Graduation Certificate in English
  • Passport Photos (5)

Acceptance Fee Payment

Guarantor Notarization at China Embassy

 Acceptance Letter & JW202 Issuance

 Apply for a Chinese Visa

 Tuition and Fees Payment

Pre-Departure Meeting

Group Departure


  • It is recommend that the student applies for school registration at least three months before the class start date. 
  • Round-trip tickets are required. 
  • All original documents must be submitted when students arrive at school.


Yes, you can. Most new international students at RIS enter the school without any knowledge of Chinese. Students will attend language classes to focus on learning Chinese, and then transition to regular classes.

The cafeteria, supermarket, dormitory, playground, etc., are all separated by academic year. Additionally, students do not carry cash but have a student card that functions like a check card, eliminating the risk of loss. There are also machines in the school to reload money onto the card.

At RIS, students are prohibited from going outside on weekdays, but weekends. However, within the school premises, there are three stores and a restaurant offering various snacks, including Korean and Western dishes as well as fast food. The school provides everything necessary for daily life, so students can address their needs within the school without the need to go outside.

Students can enroll from the 5th grade. If students are too young, it may be challenging for them to adapt on their own, so the school admits students from the 5th grade and above. If accompanied by an older sibling, students under the 5th grade can be considered.

China offers scholarships for international students, with cities providing undergraduate scholarships and the government offering scholarships for master's and medical programs.
In the 11th grade, students with teachers, plan and execute their academic paths. If preparing for a Chinese university with a scholarship goal, you may be eligible for scholarships.
As we provide tailored admissions counseling, if your goal is to attend a university abroad rather than a Chinese university, you will be guided by the appropriate teachers.

RIS is ONLY HSK testing center in the Jiangsu province. International students at RIS can register for the exam at the school. Before the actual test, the school conducts a simulated exam, ensuring that RIS students achieve higher scores compared to students from other schools.

"Group departure" means that students studying abroad at RIS International School gather at the airport to depart as a group. Upon arrival in China and clearing immigration, the school's international RIS teachers and staff will pick them up and take them to the school using the school's transportation.

RIS International School issues offer letter and JW202 documents and can provide X1 and X2 visas at the Chinese Embassy.
The required documents include a passport, family relationship certificate, 2 photos (4x6 without glasses, without covering ears, forehead, and eyebrows), enrollment license, and JW202. If students have difficulties about the visa application process, they can contact The Uhak for consultation and assistance with services at any time.

Notarization can be conducted at the Chinese Embassy. The process typically takes around 1 to 2 weeks and may be subject to delays based on the embassy's situation. If students encounter difficulties with  notarization, they can contact The Uhak for consultation and assistance with services.