Thoroughly managed study and boarding program

Ronghuai International School has its boarding dormitories on campus and provides a 24-hr management system for students. We strictly manage not only the school schedule but also the overall life, such as using a cell phone, going out, and additional study after school.

  • Check from wake-up to sleep under 24-hour supervision
  • Each two multinational students, including Chinese students, use a double room
  • Each room is equipped with air conditioner, washing machine, refrigerator, two study desks, two closets, a toilet with a washbasin and shower booth
  • The boarding facility is not available during summer and winter break
  • Bedding provided


International student cafeteria has about 200 students capacity and offers fresh and delicious meals to meet the standards of Western, Chinese, and Korean food. The school convenience store is about the size of a mart in the city and sells snacks, drinks, and household goods.