Creativity, Action, Service

A program that helps students understand and experience social activities by cultivating students' creative abilities, improving their social skills, and participating in various volunteer activities

Various Club Activities

Broadcasting Club
Students can learn breathing, dubbing, posture training, dressing, stage effect skills, etc.
Animation Club
Through the promotion of animation culture, more students understand and obtain interests in animation, and experience their own creative activities
Drawing Club
Students develop their own individuality and creativity as well as art, while learning more about art, and improves students' observation, creativity, and aesthetics.
Basketball Club
The Basketball Club allows students to develop their skills through systematic training, increases their awareness of group activities and their level as a team member.
Soccer Club
The Soccer Team trains with specialized coaches from outside and raise their level as a member of the team. There are matches with sister school every month.
Guitar Club
Students practice their performance skills by playing their own guitars and hold concerts during the semester to show their achievements.
Badminton Club
It is an activity that improves students' physical strength and their understanding of badminton sports. Work under the slogan "Be friends, co-participate, improve your skills."
Table Tennis ClubIt fosters beginners' interest in table tennis and basic table tennis and learns the rules of the International Table Tennis Competition. It improves the skills of beginners to hit the ball as well as counter-training with strong teams. We hold table tennis competitions regularly.
DIY Club
We experience Chinese paper cutting, T-shirts making, and reforming activities.
Calligraphy Club
Students can take a step towards Chinese calligraphy and experience calligraphy art. Through calligraphy, students constantly become a person with their own artistry, immersion, and calmness.
Band ClubMusical activities heal students' stress and enhances their rich leisure life, latent artistry, and sense of group activities.
Singing and Dancing ClubStudents learn vocalization methods, singing techniques, basics of dancing, natural stage manners, etc. Through intensive training, students can participate in international competitions.

Various School Events

Gourmet Party

The Strongest Brain Quiz Competition


Coming-of-Age Day Event

College/University Briefing Sessions

Tsinghua University
Tsinghua University
Zhejiang University
Zhejiang University
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Shanghai Jiao Tong University