Annual Tuition and Fees

One-Time, Non-Refundable Fee

  • Application Fee 400 CNY
  • Registration Fee 2,600 CNY

Annual Tuition and Fees


Annual Payment

Payment for One Semester
 Tuition111,260 CNY55,630 CNY
Deposit for Furniture500 CNY500 CNY
Chinese Residency Card830 CNY830 CNY
Insurance800 CNY800 CNY
Class Activities2,000 CNY1,000 CNY
Outdoor Activities6,000 CNY3,000 CNY
Club Activities1,600 CNY800 CNY
Electricity1,000 CNY500 CNY
Total Amount123,990 CNY63,060 CNY
  • 26,260 CNY of late fee will be charged for a refund of tuition and fees starting one week before the first day of class
  • Tuition and fees cannot be refunded after one week before the first day of class

Above-listed Fees do not include:

  • Airfares
  • Personal Allowance
  • Visa Application Fee
  • Guarantor Document Notarization